There are quite a few fast-travel places scattered throughout Gotham Metropolis that the participant could make use of to journey shortly. With the significantly enormous world that Gotham Knights has to supply, it’s oftentimes inefficient to journey round Gotham Metropolis on the Batcycle. Quick Journey is a function that almost all open-world video games exhibit in in the present day’s period. 

The participant could make use of those quick journey factors regardless of whichever member of the Bat Household they’re enjoying as. The Quick Journey function in Gotham Knights means that you can teleport from one case to a different primarily. This protects an incredible lot of time, as is required within the quick age of in the present day.

Key Highlights:

  • Quick Journey is an important function applied into many of the open-world video games in in the present day’s period.
  • Gotham Knights include a singular Quick Journey system that requires the participant to satisfy duties to unlock.
  • Quick Journey permits the participant to journey shortly from district to district.
  • It saves numerous playtime, which may be invested into searching collectibles.

Although it could sound simple at first, unlocking these quick journey factors isn’t that straightforward. Most video games ask for a easy interplay to unlock such journey checkpoints, however that’s not the case for Gotham Knights. There are eight such quick journey factors scattered throughout the Metropolis. So as to unlock every level, there are particular duties that it’s a must to full.

Like different video games, the participant must discover the sport world and work together with numerous parts in Gotham Knights. You may be spending a while racing your Batcycle across the metropolis and in addition grappling ledges. Solely when you’ve gotten floor your means via the sport sufficient to expertise these interactions will you have the ability to unlock the quick journey places.

Getting Name From Lucius Fox

Speaking with Lucius Fox relating to the mechanical glider (picture credit score: eXputer)

You may make use of quick journey as early as the primary mission into the sport technically, however that may solely take you again to Belfry. That is primarily ineffective and serves to finish the night time alongside together with your patrol.

Nevertheless, you’ll obtain a message from Lucius Fox himself after getting accomplished the primary a part of the second case file. Do notice that it could possibly take a number of hours of gameplay to achieve this level. That is fully depending on how a lot time you resolve to place into studying the sport’s mechanics.

However, Lucius Fox contacts them whereas he’s in Otisburg, providing his assist. You might be to make your strategy to his firm’s middle of operations, Foxteca HQ. You will see him ready for you on the roof of the headquarters.

The Glider

Lucius Fox will uncover a glider with mechanical specs. This glider will let you journey round Gotham Metropolis by way of flight, primarily boosting the velocity of journey by leaps and bounds. It’s then revealed that proper after the deaths of Batman and Commissioner Gordon, the infiltrated GCPD ended up deploying sure drones all through the size of town.

Hostile Drones

These drones have the duty of taking pictures you down as you glide your means throughout town. When you work together with Fox once more, he’ll inform you that the answer to coping with drones is to scan and reprogram these evil bots. Solely after getting scanned and reprogrammed the GCPD drones in a sure space will you have the ability to journey there quick.

How To Hack The Drones

Scanning and reprogramming drones (picture credit score: eXputer)

Each fast-travel location can have one to a few GCPD drones patrolling the realm in its neighborhood. Regardless of being created from subtle and state-of-the-art expertise so as to patrol giant components of Gotham Metropolis, they’re very simple to hack. It takes as a lot as a easy scan utilizing the AR machine that you’re geared up with.

As soon as all of the drones in a sure space are scanned, it is possible for you to to fly into that individual space simply.

Shielded Drones

As you make progress in unlocking fast-travel places, you will discover that the GCPD has put in shields onto their drones in later areas. Scanning and reprogramming these drones isn’t that straightforward. You’ll solely have the ability to scan shielded drones when they’re docked at their specified recharging stations.

This finally ends up making the method of scanning and reprogramming the drones afterward within the recreation a bit tough and time-taking. No matter that, the rewards are positively value investing time within the course of.

Unlocking Quick Journey In Gotham Knights

Quick Journey in Gotham Knights (picture credit score: eXputer)

All of the quick journey places are proven on the map as GPS location icons. The colour signifies the standing of whether or not they have been unlocked or are nonetheless, in reality, locked. Earlier than they’re unlocked, they’re white. When you scan the drones flying round a selected icon’s space, they flip inexperienced. This means that you should use that time to quick journey now.

You might be to seek out all of the drones patrolling a selected space. As soon as you discover them, get near them and scan them together with your AR machine. That is the place Lucius is available in together with his technological expertise to hack and override them.

Utilizing AR Pulse To See Drones

As now we have mentioned earlier, as you progress additional in your quest to unlock all quick journey places, you’ll encounter shielded drones. They’re solely off guard when docked at recharging stations. You may make use of the AR pulse to see drones and docks via buildings reminiscent of buildings.

It is very important notice right here that:

  • Docks are represented with white outlines.
  • Drones but to be scanned are represented with orange outlines.
  • Drones which have been scanned by the participant are represented with white outlines.

It is usually value noting that after getting unlocked no less than two quick journey places, you’ll be able to work together with anybody icon in your map. A cycle-like interplay via all of the places will seem, which can assist maintain you from scrolling to each location’s icon individually on the map. This mechanic is of excessive worth and must be unlocked earlier than going to get collectibles all through the Metropolis since journey is far sooner now.

Drone And Quick Journey Places

Do notice that it isn’t mandatory for the quick journey level to be situated precisely the place you scan the final of the drones for that space. An instance is once you end scanning all of the drones in Otisburg, the precise quick journey level truly seems within the Bowery.

The Monetary District

Unlocking Quick Journey within the Monetary District (picture credit score: eXputer)

That is the place the primary scanning location and GCPD drone is situated. The precise location is simply southwest of the Belfry on Barr Avenue within the Monetary District. The drone is unshielded due to being the very first one to be scanned. You might be to scan it to entry the system, opening up the following location in Southside. A quick journey beacon will pop as much as the northwest.


Unlocking Quick Journey within the Southside (picture credit score: eXputer)

The second location to scan GCPD drones is in Southside. The precise location is simply south of Cobblepot Metal, northeast of Star Labs. Watch out because the drone here’s a shielded one. As instructed earlier than, anticipate it to dock to its designated recharging station. As soon as it does, go forward and scan it. Scanning the drone on this location will unlock all the different scanning places throughout the whole thing of the map.

Previous Gotham

Unlocking Quick Journey in Previous Gotham (picture credit score: eXputer)

The very best location to go after Southside is Previous Gotham. The precise location to seek out the drones on this space is north of the Metropolis Corridor, proper throughout Grand Avenue. That is the primary location the place there are two drones patrolling the realm. Certainly one of them is shielded, whereas the opposite is unshielded. The quick journey beacon will pop up in the identical location.

Tricorner Island

Unlocking Quick Journey within the Tricorner Island (picture credit score: eXputer)

The fourth location on our listing is Tricorner Island. Tricorner Island homes two unshielded drones. You will discover them flying round on Arsenal Avenue. Watch out, as they are going to fly to Dumas Avenue and Sprang Avenue as properly whereas patrolling. The quick journey beacon will pop up on the well-known Robert Kane Memorial Bridge simply west of the Sprang Avenue.


Unlocking Quick Journey in Otisburg (picture credit score: eXputer)

You will see the drones within the excessive southeast space of Otisburg, notably close to the St. Aloysius Church Landmark. That is the primary location to residence three drones, although they are going to all be unshielded. You will see all three of them flying across the tower at low, medium, and excessive ranges. After scanning them, the quick journey beacon will pop up within the Bowery on Park Row, which is southwest of the Monarch Theater.

West Finish

Unlocking Quick Journey within the West Finish (picture credit score: eXputer)

The West Finish homes three drones in whole. Two of them are shielded drones, whereas the final one is an unshielded drone. You will discover all three of them flying round within the neighborhood of the Gotham Gazette, notably to its north within the space between Croydon and Bohler Avenues. The quick journey beacon will turn out to be accessible on the constructing to the north of Croydon Avenue.

Gotham Heights

Unlocking Quick Journey in Gotham Heights (picture credit score: eXputer)

Gotham Heights homes two drones, each shielded. You will discover them within the residence block the place Mason Avenue and Dryfold Avenues meet within the southwest space of Gotham Heights. The quick journey beacon will seem on the Martha Wayne Artwork Gallery to the northwest of the drones’ places.


Unlocking Quick Journey in Bristol (picture credit score: eXputer)

The final scanning space is the one with three drones, all of them shielded. You will see them flying round Mercy Avenue and Beacon Avenue. The placement is within the neighborhood of the LeBlanc Funeral Residence. They patrol across the entirety of the realm and are extra harmful than the opposite shielded drones in that they’ve a number of recharging stations.

When you scan all of the drones on this space, the quick journey beacon will seem to the south of the realm talked about above. The precise location is throughout Mercy Avenue, proper on the entrance to Robbins Bridge.


This has been our information to scanning all GCPD drones and unlocking quick journey in Gotham Knights. Touring from district to district, whether or not it’s for missions or a hunt for collectibles, hasn’t been simpler. Tell us what you consider the Quick Journey system in Gotham Knights within the remark part down beneath.

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